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Medical Loan Closet

Clearview is proud to present our Medical Loan Closet 
to our local community and surrounding areas.

Thanks to Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation we have been able to get parts to keep
​this program running.


Clearview has created a community based Medical Loan Closet to help individuals in need of

temporary use of medical equipment at no charge.  

We have many items available including wheelchairs, commodes, walker, canes, 
shower chairs and many accessories.

It’s simple!  

Call Clearview or a satellite office near you to borrow the equipment needed.  It works like a library.  
You check out the equipment needed for a duration of 1 day to 3 months and then 
return it when you are finished.   

Clearview asks that the equipment is returned in good, condition so it may be loaned out to others. 

Please return them in clean condition and have all accessories attached. 

Clearview requires the borrower to sign a contract stating what they are borrowing and when it will be returned.  They must sign the waiver to release Clearview from all liabilities including injuries. 

All of Clearview’s equipment has been donated by individuals in our community. 

This program would not exist without the donation of gently used equipment and

monetary donations for repairs. 


What do we loan out and what can be donated?

The following list identifies the durable medical equipment we provide our clients. We do not accept items that are principally fabric or foam, such as lift chairs, knee or back braces or orthopedic boots, as they are too difficult to sanitize. We are unable to accept medical beds and 

equipment such as CPAP’s and nebulizers.

  • Adult diapers (unopened)

  • Bath seats

  • Bath rails

  • Bathtub transfer benches

  • Bedside tables

  • Canes (metal or quads)

  • Commodes

  • Crutches

  • Toilet Seat Risers

  • Hoyer lifts

  • IV stands

  • Shower chairs

  • Toilet safety frames

  • Transfer boards

  • Walkers (including rigid, hemi, 2-wheel and 4-wheel w/bench seats)

  • Wheelchairs 


Your donations are greatly appreciated.  

Contact us at 541-276-1130


For your convenience, you can download the agreement form,

complete and deliver to our office at 1114 SW Frazer Ave.

email at or fax at 1-866-998-1972

Download the loan agreement form

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